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June 2017

Out for Good: Lessons for the future

This report details the findings of a two-year action learning project, Out for Good set up in memory of the late treasurer of the Prison Reform Trust, Andrew Fleming-Williams, and funded through the efforts of his family and friends.

The project looked at the opportunities for prisons to engage with employers to help prisoners become job- ready and find work on release from prison. The report demonstrates that the potential to secure sustainable employment for prisoners before and after release is both great and largely going unrealised.

Against expectations the report found that it was not primarily employers’ attitudes but the policies and practices of prisons, and the lack of priority given to finding prisoners employment on release, which were the main barriers to getting more prisoners into work. The report includes a toolkit for prisons and employers to assist joint working and outlines practical steps which can be taken to help people in prison lead a law-abiding and productive life on release.