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06 October 2010

PRT response to Chief Inspector’s report on HMP and YOI New Hall

Commenting today on the Chief Inspector’s report on HMP & YOI New Hall, near Wakefield, Geoff Dobson, deputy director, Prison Reform Trust said:

“This report is clear that the limited progress New Hall prison is making in meeting its enormous challenges may be put at risk if the prison merges with Askham Grange open prison, near York.  New Hall deals with a range of ages, from juvenile girls to adult women, and a complex set of needs. Many of the women arriving at New Hall have serious drug, mental health and self harm problems.

“The Prison Service must keep its eye on the ball and allow New Hall’s management to focus its energies on improving New Hall’s performance, rather than be diverted by an unnecessary reorganisation involving a different type of prison many miles away.”