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12 April 2022

PRT comment: HMP/YOI Deerbolt

Commenting on the findings of conditions at HMP/YOI Deerbolt by HM Inspectorate of Prisons today (12 April), Peter Dawson, director of the Prison Reform Trust said:

“In December 2021 the government said in its Prison Strategy White Paper that HMP/YOI Deerbolt would provide a model for other prisons to follow in their treatment of young men. So it is deeply worrying that inspectors describe a prison in which the majority of the people it holds are spending entire days in complete idleness. It’s no surprise that their frustration and pent up energy results in violence. But the cure for that — active, purposeful days spent out of their cells — seems further away than ever.”

The Prison Strategy White Paper, published in December 2021 said:

Supporting the safe and stable transition of young men moving to the adult estate

36. Young men (18–25) are often amongst the most violent and disruptive in the estate, and we know that as a group they have some of the most complex and challenging needs of our population. The transition from the youth estate to the adult estate can be particularly difficult, and we are currently piloting a young adults transition unit at HMP Deerbolt. This unit has a bespoke approach to managing and supporting the complex needs of young men and we will capture learning from this pilot, with a view to rolling out similar units across the estate if the outcomes are successful.

The Prison Strategy White Paper