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21 April 2023

PRT comment: Dominic Raab’s resignation

Reacting to the news of Dominic Raab’s resignation Pia Sinha, Chief Executive of the Prison Reform Trust, said:

“The vital and complex work of the Ministry of Justice has been undermined by Dominic Raab’s reckless meddling and his inability to interact professionally with his senior officials. A new justice secretary is an opportunity for a reset on Dominic Raab’s damaging changes to the parole system. Changes to open conditions transfers have undermined the progression of prisoners and effective arrangements for public protection. A single view procedure forbidding state appointed officials including forensic psychologists and prison and probation staff from making recommendations for release or transfer to the Parole Board have been ruled unlawful by the High Court. The victims and prisoners bill currently before Parliament undermines the independence and expertise of the parole board and raises wider constitutional concerns regarding judicial independence and U.K. compliance with human rights obligations.

“His successor should urgently review the bill and Raab’s other changes to the parole system as a result and adopt a more measured approach.”