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In this section you can find our latest primary research, produced by our research team.

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About our research programme

The Prison Reform Trust’s research programme works to:

  • provide prisoners with a chance to explain the prison experience;
  • support the prison service’s efforts to improve prisons through independent, external scrutiny; and
  • provide evidence-based knowledge to inform policy-makers, government, the voluntary sector, the academic community and the general public.

Current research projects

  • Information Technology (IT) in prisons

Aim: to outline current access to digital technology for people in prison, and explore the gains and challenges of providing new technologies.

  • Prisoners’ contribution to more effective prison officers

Aim: to promote prisoner involvement in the recruitment, training and development of staff, initially working in women’s prisons.

  • Data from Measuring the Quality of Prison Life (MQPL) survey

Aim: to use evidence from MQPL data to test hypotheses about prison conditions.

  • Building Futures research: Alternatives to institutionalisation

Aim: to support the Building Futures programme, being led by long-term prisoners’ guidance, to explore the impact of spending years in prison, especially on hope, autonomy, a sense of meaning.

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16 / 03 / 21

A CAPPTIVE snapshot of life under Covid

In this article written for the Prison Service Journal, Dr. Kimmett Edgar, Paula Harriott, Dr. Mia H...

Research team

  • Dr Kimmett Edgar Head of Research
    Dr Kimmett Edgar is head of research, having previously been senior research officer at the Oxford Centre for Criminological Research. His major work, Prison Violence: the dynamics of conflict, fear a...nd power, explored the roots of prison violence in conflicts among prisoners. He is also co-author, with Tim Newell, of Restorative Justice in Prisons (2006). At the Prison Reform Trust, Kimmett has managed studies on race equality, mental health, financial exclusion, resettlement, prison councils, and active citizenship. He is a member of the Northern Ireland Ministerial Forum on Safer Custody; Quaker Representative to the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice; on the Perrie Lectures Committee; and a former chair of the Alternatives to Violence Project. He plays for Cuxham Cricket Club and sings in the LSO St Luke’s Community Choir.