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10 June 2020

Prison Reform Trust launches new Covid-19 prisons project (CAPPTIVE)

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically affected the lives of prisoners, their families and those that work in prison. Widescale lockdown with people held in cells for up to 23 and a half hours a day, as well as the suspension of family visits since March have placed an immense strain on prisoners and their loved ones during this unprecedented time.

PRT has steadfastly continued its advocacy and influencing work throughout this period on behalf of those in prison. However, the true depth of what people in prison are currently experiencing is invisible behind the walls.

As we have found through our Prisoner Policy Network, learning lessons both now and for the future depends on listening to prisoners and sharing their experience and insight.

In response to this challenge, we have established an urgent new project—CAPPTIVE (The Covid Action Prison Project: Tracking Innovation, Valuing Experience).

We want to hear from people in prison, and the people who care about them, about their own experience of the pandemic so far.

We are interested to hear what’s being done well just as much as what isn’t; what needs to continue and what needs to stop.

It is vital that prisoners’ voices are heard in the discussions amongst wider society about what our lives will look like after lockdown. CAPPTIVE provides that space for prisoners and their families to be heard.

Contributions to the project will inform a series of rapid review reports that will be vital in ensuring we have the evidence to continue our work effectively both now and in the future.

Prisoners, family members and organisations that support them can contribute their experiences and thoughts using the contact details below.

Prisoner Policy Network c/o
Prison Reform Trust FREEPOST ND 6125
London EC1B 1PN