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01 June 2022

Consultation launched on ethnicity and prisoners’ experience

PRT’s Prisoner Policy Network is launching its latest national consultation on the subject of race and ethnicity in prison, which will run through to mid-September 2022.

The title and first question for this latest consultation is:

‘How does my ethnicity or race affect my experience of prison?’

This is open to people from all backgrounds and ethnicities; let us know what you think.

In addition to written responses, we plan to visit about 12 prisons combining group discussion, and  interviews so there will be opportunities for people to share information confidentially.

Once we have received responses to this first phase of consultation, we will read all submissions before coming back with follow up questions if we need to.

If you are interested in having us visit your prison, or one prison in particular, please write to let us know. If you work as an equalities rep or something along those lines, please let us know.

It is important to get the broadest possible response for a consultation of this importance, so please write to us at Prisoner Policy Network, Prison Reform Trust, FREEPOST ND 6125, LONDON EC1B 1PN

We may write to you asking for some demographic information so that we have an idea of how representative our respondents are compared to the general prison population.

You can also call to leave a voicemail message by calling 0808 802 0060 and selecting the option for the PPN or Prisoner Policy Network.

We can create posters to send to your prison, all ideas are welcome!

You can share personal experiences or what you’ve witnessed. Remember that we are not covered by Rule 39 and post may be monitored.


Deadline for submissions 1st August 2022.