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16 December 2021

PCSC Bill – government promises amendment on IPP licence review

Amendments on IPPs were debated yesterday in the House of Lords report stage debate on the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill. In response the Minister Lord Wolfson committed to bringing forward a government amendment at third reading to reform the licence review process.

The Minister’s response to the amendments on IPPs at least recognises the strength of opinion across all parties in  the House of Lords, and amongst cross-benchers, that the current situation is untenable. A government amendment is promised at third reading, but no undertaking was given about the scope of that amendment and even the most modest proposal for reform—a reduction in the qualifying period for termination of IPP licences—currently stands rejected.

We will use the period between now and third reading to press the government to respond with the clarity and decisiveness the situation demands. They must make sure that, before this bill finally becomes law, it contains measures which substantially reduce the injustice which so many IPP prisoners, former prisoners and their families continue to endure.

IPP amendments briefing

Our joint briefing in support of amendments relating to the sentence of Imprisonment for Public Protection.

Download the briefing