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Leave a legacy

The Prison Reform Trust works hard to reduce the use of prison, improve conditions for prisoners and to promote equality and human rights in our prisons. We do this by listening to and providing a voice for prisoners and their families; and promoting their role in making change happen.

We do not accept government funding and rely on voluntary donations. You can help us to continue to lead the reform of our prisons by including a gift to the Prison Reform Trust in your Will. Any gift, of any size, is a valuable contribution towards securing a better penal system.

Family and friends first

We understand that your family and loved ones are likely to come first and we would encourage you to discuss your Will with those close to you. But Family and friends firstonce they’ve been provided for, a gift of any size to the Prison Reform Trust could go a long way to help us advocate and creative positive change for those living in our prisons.

Free Will service

The Prison Reform Trust has partnered with Farewill to offer you the opportunity to have your Will written for free. All that we ask is you consider making a donation to our work in return.

Farewill offers an easy to use, streamlined online Will writing service as well as telephone Will writing service which is free for you.

You can also discuss making your free Will over the phone if you would prefer.


Frequently asked questions

  • A legacy is a gift of money or any other assets as set out in your Will. There are two main types of gifts you can leave to a charity:

    • A share of your estate (also known as a residuary gift) – Whether it’s 1% or 80%, a share of your estate is a good way to leave a gift. You can choose to donate a percentage of the net value of your estate or the remaining sum after you have provided for family and friends (for example, 5% of your net estate after gifts to family and friends).
    • An amount of money or an item of value (also known as a pecuniary gift) – A fixed amount of money of your choosing or an item of value (such as jewellery). Any amount big or small would make such a difference, there is no minimum or maximum amount, it really is up to you (the value of such gifts may be affected by inflation).
  • To leave us a gift in your Will you simply need to include details of the donation and details of the Prison Reform Trust, in your Will. If you already have a Will you can make an amendment or codicil to it. You can also leave a gift to us by setting up a Trust.

    The Prison Reform Trust details you will need to include are:

    Prison Reform Trust, 15 Northburgh Street, London EC1V 0JR (Registered Charity Number 1035525)

    We recommend using a solicitor to draw up your Will. A correctly written Will is important and will give you peace of mind, knowing that your wishes are known and correctly recorded. You can find details of solicitors local to you by contacting the Law Society 0207 320 5650.

    To make a Will you can use any solicitor, however the Prison Reform Trust has partnered with Farewill to offer you the opportunity to have your Will written for free.

  • If you would like to find out more about how you can help to build a just, effective and humane penal system for the future, please get in touch with Charlotte Story on 020 7689 7731 or

    If you have already included a gift to the Prison Reform Trust in your Will, you do not have to let us know—but we would be delighted if you did contact us, so that we can thank you for your generosity today.