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  Hadleigh Farm has evolved over the last 122 years. Today we are a commercial farm, a place of natural beauty, committed to environmental and social progress, and home to an English Heritage site.

We combine our commitment to environmental conservation with family fun at our rare breeds centre. People of all ages will love our rare sheep, ponies, pigs and poultry.

As well as being the site of the Mountain Biking event for the 2012 Games, Hadleigh Farm offers a number of attractions for the whole family. Our guided walks offer a fascinating insight into the Hadleigh Farm area, including the historic 14th century Hadleigh Castle and our commercial farm.

So if you are interested in nature or history, whether you want a place for treasured family memories watching your children our sheep and goats or are simply looking to immerse yourself in the idyllic English countryside then Hadleigh Farm is perfect for you.

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